Patagonia Rafting

White water rafting and kayaking (small group) in Futaleufu, Chile

Futaleufu, Chile
Considered one of the best wild white water multi-day river trips in the world, Futaleufu Chile attracts with azure blue clear waters and world class grade 4, 5 and 6 rapids.

An interview by Danny DeVito is not generally the place where you’d expect a suggestion for adventure travellers, however it was in one of Danny’s interviews where he mentioned that he had an amazing experience white water rafting on a river in Patagonia/Chile. We figured that if Danny can do it, we can too!


img_4887A little research led us to a week-long guided white water trip on a pristine river (Futaleufu) organised by experienced river guides, Earth River. The trip was specifically targeted to a small group of 11 people, with daily rafting through the cataracts and canyons of the Futaleufu River, and overnight accommodation for four days at luxury lodges and two days in Earth River’s wilderness camp.

img_2876The rapids on the river have names like “Inferno” and “Terminator”, but for participants that want to avoid grade 6 rapids, there is the option of horseback riding. One or two days can be spent in rubber duckies instead of the 6-person usual white water rafts.

The lodges provided all modern facilities – restaurants, spa, pool, meeting rooms – while the river guides organised the various activities specifically targeted to the group’s requirements.

Trekking to an isolated glacial lake was an option for some in the group, while others chose to go cataman fishing.


Travel Tips

As for any travel in South America, we recommend the use of local reputable agencies and guides.

Earth River company: www.earthriver.com

To reach Futaleufu, we used a Lan Chile flight from Santiago to Peurto Montt, followed by a small plane transfer to Futaleufu River.

We used local currency and for any trip to Patagonia, we strongly recommend using cash – as credit card facilities are limited.

Press play to watch a video summary of our river adventures:

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