Paramotoring Tasmania

Tasmania: an unexplored paramotoring paradise

Tasmania doesn’t tend to feature very prominently on the list of destinations for paramotoring and paragliding.  However, it holds spectacular and unspoilt naturally beautiful wilderness, all within reach of civilisation and a welcoming community of locals, which pushes it slowly but steadily in front of many adventurous travellers.

From a practical point of view, free flying paragliding sites are concentrated in the South and North-West where the local pilots tend to be based. Tasmania has Mt Wellington which is the highest launch in Australia at 1271 metres, and is quite a significant flight in a superb setting, not to mention landing in the backyard of Cascade Brewery! The launch is quite technical, requiring advanced P5 skills, so please contact the local pilots before thinking about flying. The same rule applies for the rest of the free flying flights, both in the South and North-West.

It is for paramotoring where Tasmania really comes into play. There’s many miles of unexplored beaches, beautiful cross country flights with many safe paddocks for landing and take offs, are all waiting to be explored from the air. In Winter the temperature can be anywhere between 4-16 degrees with summer temperatures rising to 20-30 degrees Celcius.

If you are planning a paragliding or paramotoring trip to Tasmania, please watch the videos and contact us so we can give you access to the members only area, where you can find details regarding take-off and landing areas – and contact details of local pilots who are happy to assist you. Most of the sites are on private land and local knowledge is necessary for safe flying.

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